RABAN z Huculskiej Łąki

Where did I come from

I was born on 24.03.2008 in kennel Huculska Meadow in Czarnolas. Even before I was born I had been a dream of my future Master - Bogdan Czernik. Despite he was supposed to choose a black male puppy - because he had such a recommendation from his wife - and my future Lady - Anna Pyra-Czernik, who he loved and respected very much. But he chose me, probably due to the original red color, which he really liked.

The Master visited me again, examining how nicely I was growing. Unfortunately, my master got sick and when it was finally the time to pick me up, he had been staying in the hospital. So the ones, who came for me, were two ladies - wife and mother of the Master (Sophia Zabłocka-Czernik my second Lady).

Happy life in Krakow

Soon after my arrival to the new home in Krakow, my Master left hospital and the rest of my life was going to be extremely happy. The Master trained me, cared about me and started to show at exhibitions (Bialystok, Wroclaw), where I proved to be "a very promising" puppy.

The Lady stood a little 'on a side', not really convinced that my presence at the huose was such a good idea. But she has been showing me love as well. A love returned.

Because my Master has been weakened by the disease and I was full of energy, my hunting training was performed by my current supervisor and friend - Mr. Wojciech Włosiński. And for some time everything was going well. I used to spend my days on training of various areas of life, both with my Master and Friend. I also run and played with my dog-friends. Mainly with Bok - the dog of Mr Wojciech and Brus - dog of my Master's mother. Late evenings and weekends spent mainly with the Lady, because that was the only time she could be there for me. But this was always compensated with lots of stroking, kissing and hugging. So Lady was mainly for fondling, though she was also the one, taking me to classes so that I could improve in the overall canine manners. My Master loved me very much, he was proud of me and dreamed that one day I was Polish Champion and maybe .. champion of all European countries!

Despite the tragedy, life goes on

Unfortunately my Master died on 19.10.2008. That seriously affected my life and all my loved ones. We all plunged into mourning, and my future was brought into question. Fortunately, my Lady is a very strong and responsible woman. She loved my Master very, very, very much and I think she still loves him. Due to the memory of him, she decided to fulfill his dreams about me.

My life started to be organised again. That wasn't easy, because my Lady works a lot and she doesn't have much time for me. But she couldn't let that waste all my previous training. In the end I am a hunting dog, which needs lots of exercise.

My second Lady takes care of me in the mornings - she feeds me and let me have crazy fun in her garden (however she does it reluctantly). Most of the day I spend with my Friend and Teacher - Mr. Wojtek and his own dog Bok. I run and I learn different skills required of me. The evenings are the playtime with the Lady. Nobody loves me and hugs me like she does.

Champion of the whole Europe

We started going to the exhibitions, where I had significant achievements, as I'm a pretty and smart dog. I think that it is not immodest statement. I was in fact on 19 Polish and 10 foreign exhibitions, where all of the judges evaluating me gave me excellent grade. Some of them particularly liked me, so they elected me as the winner of class, race or group. In Poland, I'm Polish Junior Champion and I have 5xCWC. I am also the Polish Champion. In the field of usability, after an intense two-month exercise, I gained 1st degree Diploma in Labor Trial. I have championships in ten other countries. Many times I was the winner of group VI.

I hope, I will have many accomplishments like these, so that I would have made my Master proud. I wish I'll always be pride and love of my closest ones.

Design & execution Grzegorz Pawłowski
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